I had to earn the pine views

I had to earn the pine views

Another epic cycling adventure, This time the route included some dirt roads, I climbed for 60 miles straight… such a LONG-ASS climb, I think the heaviest physiological part was mile 55th-60th … I just felt like zombie climbing endlessly, Luckily I had my last sip of water right before I found a shop to re-stock my bottles at the peak of the climb. I then rolled down trying to beat the sunset, it got really late! (due to late start) so I end up riding the last 2 miles in complete darkness with no head light (just the tail light). I wasn’t really planning for riding in the dark, but the late start and a flat in mile 76th changed the schedule a bit… the view were amazing though.

For us living in Souther California, we really have to “earn” seeing pines in a ride, they are usually on very high peaks (6k ft) and this time I had the legs to earned those pine views. At the shop, I felt like chunking on everything I saw, I ate 2 bananas, a bag of cheez-its, drank 1 Lt of water straight in one gulp before i begun my huge 40 mile descend… boy that was fun! Gorgeous sunset views on the pacific crest hills… I guess i’m kinda being a roadie lately… adventure times!

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