Long day at the saddle – Giro Di San Diego

Long day at the saddle – Giro Di San Diego

Ride started at 7:15, cold morning (cold for me: 55F) first 10-15 mins i was shivering, but soon after started to climb and all cold air became a bliss. First 25 miles was all fun and games, fresh legs and happy faces from every body, race massive start got us all riding together like a big 700 cyclist parade. First aid station right before the big climb over Palomar mountain, I heard so many stories about Palomar but never got the courage to live mine. begun to climb first chunk of bottom of the actual mountain, then hit another aid station, there is a reason why there is so many aid-stations at this point, so i stopped to fill up my bottles and grab some gels and PB sandwiches. Climbed and climbed and climbed, HUGE grades, like the type that brings you to your knees down to a 40-50rpm cadence, made to the top and i couldn’t talk, literally lost my voice with the big effort. There was another aid station on top of Palomar, filled my bottles and hit the turn where the MEN separate from
“the boys”, lol… i learned that after this point only a few cyclist signed up for the 114mi route, everyone else climbed back down for the 75mi route. A few of us begun to climb down Palomar on the East Grade road, Temps lifted up to a 100F and winds begun to blow hard. The additional millage for the 114mi ride was over the east side of Palomar, and took us all by surprise how tough was that sucky little climb, I guess what makes this ride so sucky is not the actual total elevation gain but the freaking Grade! … Coming down the final portion of the ride there is hill that makes never forget its name: “Cole Grade” short hill but it literally feels like the bike just doesn’t move, Steep! and with dead legs at mile 95, every feels awful. made it to the top! All I can say is that others were shamefully walking the hill with bikes on the side (not my case)… last 10 miles are just downhill and the road to home, felt strong coming down, but very sore. Overall happy with the EPIC ride today, I can say that I did something out of my league and definitely out of my comfort zone, and I have “fun” accomplishing this.

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