Carlsbad TRI, Big PR

Carlsbad TRI, Big PR


I signed up for a “nostalgia” race this weekend in Carlsbad, this was my 2nd triathlon ever and wanted to give it a second shot to see any improvements I have gained since then. I got there early by 50 mins before my wave started and right away noticed how this will be a mellow race, definitely a not crowded type of race where you still get the change to compete against a breed of amazing top athletes but with the atmosphere of a “first triathlon” race for many.

I jumped on the water knowing the first 50 yds will be a total chaos with waves crashing on top of me, so I tried to swim as fast as I could and get out of the “Soup” zone like surfers call it and get into a deeper “calmer” waters, the swim was not a typical sprint distance swim but instead an enlarged distance of 1100 yd (1 KM). I got out of the water wishing I was lucky to surf a wave a push me out faster but I wasn’t lucky and instead I got pushed back in, I still managed to pull a 7 minute PR.

I jumped on my bike and right away started to drink to wash off all the salty taste of an ocean swim as fast as possible, I tried to get my self into a rhythm were I can sustain a 25km (again, another enlarged sprint distance) bike of combos of rolling and flat sections, I tucked in Aero as much as I could and try to save some juice for run miles. I was hoping a little better bike performance but I also manage to pull a 13 min PR, by this time it was about to prove how fast I can run out of the bike and still call it a PR day.

Out of the bike, still a bit dizzy of being in aero position I tried to stabilize my pace into “hard sustainable” pace and it took me about 750m to feel “OK” and realize I had to open my stride more when my legs were starting to ask for break calmer 70.3 race pace. I pushed as hard as I could on a rolling to flat course and manage to pull a total race PR of 26 mins.

I have to confess that last time i did this race it felt as AWFUL as this time, the only difference is that it only got faster, but the suffering was exactly the same. I’m happy with my improvements although I’m a never ending self-improvement person and my worst self critic and will never stop seeking for a better me.

Fun day out there, now time for a break and preparation for my first ever duathlon in 3 more weeks.

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