Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake Race Story

Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake Race Story

Writing this race story as I being crunched in my plane by a sleepy passenger on my left. I have to admit that according all Texans this day was an anomaly of a typical hot summer day. Temps were in the high 70s mostly half of the day, For me coming from San Diego was just another day in my element, so I guess I was lucky.

The Swim

The day started early with no sun light until the actual race start, I setup my transition area as usual, set the proper gear in the bike for the first gut sucking hill coming off T1. I Jumped on the water feeling the typical race anxiety and swim off the first yellow turn buoy at around 200 yards away, I manage to swim with the pack mostly the whole time, even passing some slower swimmers from previous waves, the swim felt short and on point, and I got out of the water on a 36:36 time which it felt like a good start for the day. Jumped on my bike after a 2:30 transition time and headed to a “special” day on the bike.


The Bike

After I exited Transition area there was a steep hill that I had to grind with an already messed up Heart Rate from the swim, coming down the hill at 0.5 miles away from transition I hit a bump and lost one of my nutrition bottles, I remember hearing a volunteer saying “just let it go”, and I thought “NO WAY!” this is half of my bike nutrition and loosing it at mile 1 was not a good advice, I pedal back 200 or 300 yards to get it back, luckily it was still there and picked it back up and begun to pedal. The road conditions were perfect for a fast bike split, not hot, wind was moderate and mostly a flat course with some canyons short hills, I had high expectations for the bike split until I hit another bump in the road that caused my seat to lean all the way down, unfortunately I was not carrying a bike tool so I did not have the option to fix it so a pedal my way like this for endless miles of bad position in the bike. My shoulders hurt and power numbers were completely off due to bad seating, as I pedal more I slowly realize that this was not going to be a good day on the bike. My expectations were to finish a bike split in the 2:40s and I end up in a bad bike split of 3:01.

The Run

Coming of a big deception from the bike my mentality was to compensate a bad bike split as much as I could with an OK run, So I picked up my pace to what It felt like a sustainable pace, the course has two short but steep hills of 7% grade that surely suck the air of my lungs. I did not worry about my pace climbing up since they were short hills so I just concentrated in recovering to my steady pace after the climb which I manage to do fine. Being this a 2 loop course my plan was to negative split the last 5k of the run, I ground the 2 hill and took advantage of the downhill to catch some momentum and run hard the last 5k as planned. I managed to finish in a time of 1:49:09 that put me on a finish of 5:32 which it was far from my target finish time, but I was happy to get away with a run split PR aside from being a hilly run course.

Overall, I finished feeling frustrated about the bike split but happy with my run and my swim. I keep learning from my sport and I take away what I learned from my 11th 70.3 race.

A HUGE shout out to my sponsors who for some reason like me and support my journey from turning this former couch potato into a performance seeking triathlete. Rudy Project you guys are simply amazing, I couldn’t ask for better head and eye protection during the bike. CEP Compression The run never felt so solid, Calf Cramps are a thing of the past! PowerTap Bike training with power has changed my game, no more guessing! THANK YOU!. Finis Oh man, you make the daily grind at the pool so much enjoyable. Newton Running with you there is simply no triathlon for me, My feet THANK YOU for creating such a fine line of running shoes that help me push for hours and hours of running with ZERO running injuries. 66Audio You guys make the long hours of training feel like a breeze, music never sound so good. Love the Pain you guys are RAD! the most amazing looking kits out are simply born in the mind of such creative team!. Roll Recovery My legs LOVE YOU! I couldn’t spring back up that fast without you, You are simply the best Recovery alternative.

And of course to my coach Steve Jhonson for pushing me to do things that seem to be impossible, I couldn’t be in better hands.

And to my support and sherpa at home for supporting this crazy life goal and life style, I hope I can create an example of way of living for you and a legacy worth of following. I love you!

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