Hey Guys, Sergio here! One of the most common things I get asked a lot is how do I get smooth video content while riding my bike and most importantly, how do I keep up with my training schedule and produce videos or shots without disturbing my training. This blog post is focused in some of the things I have learned over the time and I hope you find them useful.


TIP #1: Training Vs. Shooting Videos

Let’s be honest here, sometimes is really hard to concentrate on training and shooting video and pictures while pushing your heart out cycling at the same time, some of us follow a strict training program on a training plan or a coach and most likely we can’t afford to sacrifice training for the sake of shooting fun videos. What I found useful for me is that I use my cool down time or warm up time or in between intervals to shoot video or image content. It helps me have my mind switch off a hard effort and it makes my training go faster and adds dynamics and fun to a ride, but most of all; it creates a VALUABLE MEMORY for you to keep or to share with others. So, be conscious of your available and time and NEVER sacrifice training (if you are training for a goal) for shooting, they both can happily coexists if you know when to do it.

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TIP #2: The Tools

The MUST HAVE tools to produce stable footage while on the bike is to have a camera that has integrated video stabilization, I mostly use GoPro HERO 5 SESSON and HERO 5 Black, They both are an awesome choice and are able to produce good results if the cameras are mounted on a handle bar or another part of the bike frame and it will eliminate the small road vibration while riding in normal road conditions.

For BUTTER SMOOTH footage I highly recommend using a gimbal stabilizer, although there are several brands out there I use GoPro Karma Grip. This tool will produce cinematic content while being on the bike regardless of most extreme road conditions you might ride into, the video will be always be smooth.

The Mounts are extremely important because it will help you create different perspectives on the same activity. I use a chest mount to create a POV (Point of View) or a first person video that allows your audience to “see what you see”. I use a bike handler to mount the cameras not only on the bike handler bar but in other parts of the frame as well. I have used other extreme mounting options like taping a flexible tripod to the frame, or a long arm for shooting angles away from the bike and even mouth holding mounts! 🙂 Everything is allowed when it comes to being creative and produce a great content.

One of the latest additions that I have tried is the new GoPro Grip extension cable, this will extend the 3-axis gimbal that holds the camera steady from the actual grip, and I find it very useful because I can either put the grip in my back pocket on my jersey or mount the grip in the frame, Having the gimbal separated from the grip allows to mount the gimbal to other parts like in the frame or helmet.

TIP #3: Be Creative

As much as we love cycling out there in the most beautiful roads, it can be monotonous strictly from the video content point of view, meaning that most of the footage are concentrated in the rider as single subject to shoot, so playing with Angles IT’S A MUST DO thing. This is the tricky part of creating good content and thats how we can distinguish from one video content to another. Keep in mind the tool inventory (From Tip #2) and focus on creating footage that offers your audience a different perspective of what you are doing. Find Inspiration from other people you like about their style and try to replicate it and with time you will produce your own style and feel, there is really no need to have the greatest and latest tools and cameras if the content is not creative and appealing to your audience.


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Tip #4: Editing

There is TONS of options out there when it comes to editing I’m going to list what I use the most:

For Editing Videos:

  • IMovie (Mac)
  • GoPro Quik for Mac
  • GoPro Studio

For Social Media Share (Phone apps):

  • GoPro Capture
  • V Splitter (splits the videos in X number or seconds so I can share in Instagram Stories)
  • Rotate and Flip (Flips a horizontal video to a vertical format, I use this when I shoot Instagram Stories)
  • Investigator (Changes the Metadata of a video or picture so Instagram can recognize it as recent video, this is when posting to Instagram Stories)


  • Soundcloud.com
  • GoPro’s PLUS Music Library (Paid)


Tip #5: ONLY if you have time…

This is an additional tip, I wish I could have time (Work and training and life get us all busy) more often but when I do, I go out on my bike just for the sake of shooting content, I have learned that if I plan this time ahead of time, I can get the most out of it, what I do is create a shot or footage list I want to produce and by having an specific list of things to do makes you productive and gets the best results.


There you go! There is really no replacement for experience and every person’s own creativity when it comes to produce video or photo content, don’t be shy and if you like to share your journey, DO IT!… Because life is short and the moment you are living today it will never come back.

Let me know what you think in the comments or send me an email in the contact form, let me know if there is any subject you want me to share about.



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