The Darkside of going thru a Physical Transformation

The Darkside of going thru a Physical Transformation

We all LOVE #TransformationTuesday stories on social media, I mean who doesn’t? These type of persons they inspire us every week with such amazing stories, we all want to be one of them, and they seem to have everything under control, super human discipline skills that helps them to stand out off the crowd and show “how the things are done”. But, what does it really take to get there? Is it really worth it? Am I really willing to pay the price? How much my life will change.

Starting is the “Hard part”, Pfff Yeah Right!

They say the hardest part of a change its to take the first step, hmmm… I would not agree with that, anyone can have the guts to get excited and one day make the decision to start a radical change, but how long can you sustain that decision? when the old habits come back, when you think, “Oh well, just a little this time, I will get back on track tomorrow”, this is when most of the people crack down, and slowly begin to slide back to what they were before without even noticing.

You can’t sustain without the motivation.

Some people find a really solid way to stay motivated, and this is KEY to sustain the learning curve of changing habits, ANYTHING that motivates helps, for the number lovers like me, anything that can be measured helps feed the motivation bug to keep going, you name it: Pants Size, Weight scale, Body Fat %, a measuring Tape, ANYTHING that can help you see progress is good, the Key is to combine several things to measure at the same time because when one needle doesn’t move another one might move, truth is without this motivation kick, you will sooner or later loose the battle.

Transformation2You will loose not just weight but Friendship or Relationships.

Unless you live in a perfect environment of support, your habits change so radically that slowly with time you find that you don’t share common interests with some of your circle of friends and this wears down friendship attachments, sooner or later if common interests is what attaches you to them you are in the risk of loosing friends, In worst case scenarios relationships break if one feels excluded from the other’s new path of transformation life style. This is a dark sad side of a transformation story that nobody likes to share.

Transformation9Relation to food might become worst.

Once a person sees enough transformation, he or she develops a food phobia, we love so much our results and we don’t want to loose them, we develop fear of going back or loose what we so hardly earned. Ignorance towards proper nutrition can contribute to this phobia, and in some cases we develop intolerance for other people not paying attention to what they eat, we become silent (and in some cause loud) critics of others criticizing other peoples nutrition choices.


Its Never Enough.

A person can be totally transformed into another one, but the mind hasn’t transformed yet, we keep thinking we are overweight or that when we will never have perfect abdominals, or arms, or legs. We focus so much in an specific part of the body that we ignore the rest. It brings unhappiness for what we achieved and instead we feel anxious for not looking like someone else or we keep striving for perfection.

Finding balance is key.

Such radical changes of the beginning, certain foods suppression, perfect diet, they all can not be permanently sustained, we need to find a balance that works for the long term. Such Extreme measures of body transformations are meant to be temporary, they can be for certain weeks or months (or extreme cases years) depending on where you start your journey but they must not be permanent. Finding balance is key to a sustainable lifestyle and brings psychological and physical relief.

From the Inside out.

The adventure of transformation journey IS WORTH IT, but the transformation needs to happen from the inside out. In reality this level of matureness happens with time as we learn from the journey, Yes I have lost a few friends in my path, but I have gained new ones, Also I have gained self respect and respect FROM others as well as FOR others that do not choose the same path as I did.


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