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Carlsbad TRI, Big PR

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  I signed up for a “nostalgia” race this weekend in Carlsbad, this was my 2nd triathlon ever and wanted to give it a second shot to see any improvements I have gained since then. I got there early by 50 mins before my wave started and right away noticed how this will be a mellow race, definitely a not crowded type of race where you still get the change to compete against a breed of amazing top athletes but with the atmosphere of a “first triathlon” race for many. I jumped on the water knowing the first 50 yds…

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Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake Race Story

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Writing this race story as I being crunched in my plane by a sleepy passenger on my left. I have to admit that according all Texans this day was an anomaly of a typical hot summer day. Temps were in the high 70s mostly half of the day, For me coming from San Diego was just another day in my element, so I guess I was lucky. The Swim The day started early with no sun light until the actual race start, I setup my transition area as usual, set the proper gear in the bike for the first gut…

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Tips to how to produce Cycling Videos

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Hey Guys, Sergio here! One of the most common things I get asked a lot is how do I get smooth video content while riding my bike and most importantly, how do I keep up with my training schedule and produce videos or shots without disturbing my training. This blog post is focused in some of the things I have learned over the time and I hope you find them useful.   TIP #1: Training Vs. Shooting Videos Let’s be honest here, sometimes is really hard to concentrate on training and shooting video and pictures while pushing your heart out cycling…

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Story of a 10k Swim

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The body achieves what the mind believes I’m sure many of you have read or heard this quote before, I will begin by saying this has been my mantra for many years. I come from a NO-SWIMMING background at all. I grew up in very small border town in Mexico with little to no promotion to sports and up to today in 2016 the town doesn’t have a pool that is available for lap swimming. So as you can imagine I spent my entire childhood with no exposure to water sports other than splashing in a family 3 feet pool….

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2016 Oceanside 70.3 Race Report

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2016 Oceanside Race Report Oceanside 70.3 in the Books! Although this is one of my local races (I live in San Diego) I have never raced this course before, I gotta say that I love this race so much! and I'm looking forward to come back and make this my first race of the season next year. After settle a couple of days after I have found piece of mind that I truly give it all I have, I writing this as I lay down on my Normatec Boots sipping a cup of coffee, so here it is how it was. Pre-Race...
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The Darkside of going thru a Physical Transformation

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We all LOVE #TransformationTuesday stories on social media, I mean who doesn’t? These type of persons they inspire us every week with such amazing stories, we all want to be one of them, and they seem to have everything under control, super human discipline skills that helps them to stand out off the crowd and show “how the things are done”. But, what does it really take to get there? Is it really worth it? Am I really willing to pay the price? How much my life will change. Starting is the “Hard part”, Pfff Yeah Right! They say the...
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Fear of the Open Water Swim

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So you think you can open water swim? We spend so many countless hours on the pool specially in the Off-season, we get all excited about gains at the time trials tests, we surely get strong, we sure get faster, but then, we show up at race day and somehow all that speed just don’t transfer, I scratch my head thinking how in the world this can happen? Where did all my Swim gains go? We get frustrated first thing in a race when we finish the swim leg and look at our watches and there it is! the same old...
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